Covent Garden copyright-free bookshop in the NY Times

Mark Oddie, owner of Dover Bookshop on Earlham Street tells Hayward Cirker, owner of Dover Publications, that an entire bookshop of copyright-free images is a viable business. It has only taken 25 years to be proved wrong.

Persephone Books

Daily MPfree: The Books

The Books are one of the most interesting and thought-provoking bands around. They weave together samples and snatches of spoken word audio history with expansive, droney folk music, strings plucked and bowed, and electronic rhythms and textures. Their new album, The Way Out, is released soon on Temporary Residence.

London agenda for Tuesday 6 December

Brent council launches daring night-time raid against its own library books

Inappropriate children's books based on films

London agenda for Monday 26 September

Libraries aren’t the only way to Lend

You’ll have been hard pressed not to have heard the news and protests about the closure of hundreds of the nation’s libraries. The level of demonstration has perhaps been surprising given the number of us who regularly visit a library, but it’s clear books have become a real political issue. Due to my job I have been a prolific library visitor over the last year and found them to be a fascinating mix of drop in centre, book haven and crèche. The clientele often ranges from those resembling a host of sickly patients from a doctor’s waiting room, middle aged book lovers, and young children. There are also those with unimaginable patience who come to use the Neolithic, glacial paced computers.

Story Books Unveil Peregrine Video

Daily MPfree: Trouble Books

Wife-husband duo Trouble Books make music so beautiful, warm and good-natured that you don’t just want them to be a band, but also form a political party and be voted leaders of the world. Their music feels like a breath of fresh air from some half-imagined arcadian paradise, in a similar way to, say, Joanna Newsom or Brightblack Morning Light. They are playing a rare London show at The Betsy Trotwood on Tuesday. I’d strongly suggest impulse-buying some tickets right now.

There are more details on Facebook, of course.

Trouble Books – Parking by snipelondon