Host at Pertwee Anderson and Gold

Lauren Down | Monday 14 March, 2011 22:12

Based in the heart of West Central London, the Pertwee Anderson and Gold inaugural exhibition is already drawing the gaze of the art world. Having only just opened its doors, Host predominantly features the intricate works of Kate MccGwire whose exploration of the human senses and the beauty of duality is truly compelling. The exhibition will also display works by American sculptor Nancy Fouts transforms the mundane into the incredible, and the esteemed British artist Alan Rankle, whose work often focuses on social and environmental issues. Until Mar 23 Pertwee, Anderson and Gold, 12 Bateman Street, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W1D 3AQ 0207 734 9283

Slick, 2010 © Kate MccGwire

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