Rough Days for Diamond Trade - Doubtful Mind

Rough Days For Diamond Trade “Doubtful Mind” from LOOKING FORWARD on Vimeo.

Berlin-based Dane Frederik Sølberg plays his first UK shows this week

Lady Lazarus - Gleam

‘All hail the new queen of honesty-pop’.

Polytype - Cyclone

Newbies tickle our fancy with their calculated aesthetic.

Joe Innes & The Cavalcade - Fables

London’s scampiest folk scamps unveil their debut video exclusively on Snipe. Does not feature scampi.

Lady Lazarus - Lapsarian

Californian songstress makes a hash of dinner but makes up for it with a stunning tune.

Barn Owl - Void Redux

Barn Owl – Void Redux from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

The evocative California duo provide the perfect soundtrack for chilly desert nights.

ERAAS - Crescent

The Brooklyn darkwave duo channel their inner Amityville horror for a terrifying new video.

Brazos - How the Ranks Was Won

Kaleidoscopic pop inspired by the American classics.

Lilies on Mars feat. Franco Battiato - Oceanic Landscape

Lilies On Mars feat Franco Battiato – Oceanic Landscape from videodrome-XL on Vimeo.

Warning: Contains keyboard-related filth.

Man Like Me - Sleaze

Let Johnny and Pete sleaze all over you on their new single.