Humfree Bug Art - Flowers

Tom Jenkins | Thursday 15 August, 2013 11:49

Allow us to introduce you to a brand new, anthem-toting Swedish sextet, if we may? Hailing from various towns in central Sweden – Andreas, Arvid, Sebastion, Daniel, Fredrick and Andreas, aka Humfree Bug Art (PUN ALERT), combine the adult-fairytale riffage of British Sea Power with the tub-thumping rhythmic pound of The National. The result is almost regal sounding (in rock terms). Ambitious? Just slightly.

Given how fully-formed the music sounds, it’s surprising to learn the band are still self-releasing EPs on their own Esplanadan Fonogram label, two thus far: 2012’s Chairlene and the recent Collema (from which the above track is taken). Andreas, Arvid and co. present like a band who’ve been plying their trade for a sustained period of time, criss-crossing the globe in support of bigger, more experienced acts, collecting tips and tricks as they travel; in reality they’re just a bunch of very talented individuals who know exactly where they want to be.

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