Domestic violence peaks at Christmas

Domestic Violence incidents up 18% in London

Video of English Defence League hooligans harassing restaurant patrons

Know no violence by Spanish Prisoners

Brooklyn four-piece Spanish Prisoners release their second full-length Gold Fools in the autumn.

After a year of beatings and austerity, what can we look forward to? More austerity and beatings

Nice Interactive timeline lets you follow Londoners' historic fight against racism

Still relevant.

Squatters occupy police station, police call their lawyers

Squatters in Waltham forest have taken over the Leytonstone Police station, which has been closed and put up for sale by the Met.

“Waltham Forest Police have confirmed it has started a legal bid to evict the squatters, but a spokesman admitted it is not known how long the process will take,” says the Waltham Forest Guardian

A neighbour tells tells the paper, ““We don’t need all that round here. It’s bad enough with the drugs and the violence in Leytonstone.” No wonder the bill packed up and left.

The revolution will be tweeted, because Tottenham sure wasn't televised

The inability, or unwillingness, of conventional news media to accurately report on public order situations has become abundantly clear during the past nine months.

Snipe Likes: Sparrow by Woodpecker Wooliams

London agenda for Tuesday 20 March