Monday, 23 April 2018

Doing Feminism: Chatting About the Unspeakable With Laurie Penny

Published 1375 days ago

…like bomb threats and direct threats of rape and violence are criminal matters and should be referred to …

One Minute With Diego Quemada-Diez - Director of The Golden Dream

Published 1382 days ago

…military industrial complex and the propaganda of violence. What was the film’s genesis? Over 10 years …

Nice Interactive timeline lets you follow Londoners' historic fight against racism

Published 1714 days ago

…the last 80 years. It also reminds you of the violence and intolerance they were up against. Still …

Hope and despair in Woolwich town centre

Published 1796 days ago

…all spoke of the wider issues of knife and gun violence in the area. “It’s only because of …

Analyse this: What does the Brixton Thatcher death party Say About Us All?

Published 1839 days ago

…offensiveness is a healthy proxy for violence Giving deliberate offence, choreographed offence, …

London's best unwritten novels, and where you should go to write them

Published 1856 days ago

…pay their taxes. But is the group’s violence acceptable, even when civil means get them …

Snipe Likes: Sparrow by Woodpecker Wooliams

Published 2028 days ago

…to a ‘homicidal Disney heroine, singing songs of violence and desire’ and her new album, The Bird School of …

London agenda for Monday 25 June 2012

Published 2128 days ago

…shifting, seething mass of intrigue, venality and violence at Literary London Crime: The Dark Eyes of London …

London agenda for Tuesday 20 March

Published 2225 days ago

…Ward [Le Cool] 2. View the cartoon depictions of violence – a fabric axe, stylised bloodstains – of …

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