The best show on US telly will be shown here tonight - and no one will watch

The best show on US television right now is Community, a comedy about eight adults enrolled in a third-tier university. It’s subtle, slow-burning, meta, and self-aware and consistently under threat of cancellation.

Now, British broadcasters have always been unsure how to schedule the best US programmes, look at BBC scheduling of Mad Men at 11pm on BBC 4. (The worst —Two & A Half Men, Friends, The A Team are scheduled so they are impossible to miss.)

But , at 10:30 pm tonight on Sony TV, Community‘s scheduling really takes the piss. What in hell is Sony TV?

Sony TV, it seems, is a channel on Sky and Virgin owned by the Sony concern. It’s very name helps explains Sony’s current dire straights. How do the brainiacs run the channel expect people to google it?

If you can get Sky 157 or Virgin 193, give Community a try. If they get an sort of decent numbers, maybe they’ll finally bring in Parks & Recreation and Breaking Bad,

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Tony Millionaire, writer-artist of Maakies, published in every edition of Snipe, has a new book out, featuring 500 of his amazing illustrations.

From Fantatgraphics

500 Portraits collects for the first time over two decades of portrait work by the beloved and award-winning creator of Drinky Crow’s Maakies, Sock Monkey and Billy Hazelnuts. Tony Millionaire’s gorgeous fountain pen illustrations, which mingle naturalistic detail with strong doses of the fanciful and grotesque, include the famous (Bob Dylan), the infamous (Abu Ghraib soldier/model Lynndie England), the fictional (Yoda), the animal kingdom (a cockroach), and everything in between. Literary figures (Hemingway), literary characters (Don Quixote & Sancho Panza), Hollywood legends (Steven Spielberg), comics icons (Hergé) and historical figures (Hitler) also figure prominently.

This book should be purchased immediately.