A few happy words with artist Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is best known in the art world (and real world) for his explorative graphic design work. He’s has worked on projects ranging from the commercial, the cultural, and some which have allowed him to cross over into other industries, perhaps most notably, with his album cover designs for Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones.
 The New York based Austrian recently embarked upon arguably one of his most interesting projects yet, one which would ask serious questions about the human condition and methods in which we all partake to achieve happiness.


The Hangover Part II

Those clever, clever folks at Warner Bros. have gone and done it again: taken a hugely successful film like The Hangover (highest grossing R-rated comedy film of all time, dontcha know?) and strung it out into an unnecessary sequel. Less hangover, more paralytic three-day blackout – the kind which really starts to drag after a while. In the second instalment of Todd Phillips’ über-successful buddy comedy concept the ‘Wolfpack’ are back, and you can bet your bottom baht* that it’s going to be messier, crazier and yet somehow exactly the same as Las Vegas. Except with more Thai ladyboys.