Steve Roggenbuck

John Rogers | Saturday 7 April, 2012 09:49

Steve Roggenbuck is an American poet, video blogger, vegan, buddhist and internet celebrity who creates a continuous stream of output via his Live My Lyf webite.

Watch Steve’s vieos here and talk to Steve on Facebook here. You can buy his first book, CRUNK JUICE, here.

If you happen to decide Steve is doing something brilliant and get totally interested in his lyf and his work, you can donate money to support his travelling and blogging here. He says: “This winter I decided to drop out of my school and travel the country to stay with friends while I blog/write full-time. I’m doing this because think I’ve found my lief purpose in blogging, and I’m stubborn about doing anything else. If you want to support me in following my dreams, and you don’t really need a t-shirt, then I am very very grateful for your donation. Thank you so much friends. Your support means so so much to me. I am working hard to be your poet.”

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