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Did the Olympics bring more or fewer tourists to London? At last we have the answer

By Mike Pollitt
13 February 2013, 12:00


Before the London Olympics there was a lot of chat about whether they would be amazing for tourism or appalling for tourism. Nobody seemed quite certain. Or rather, everybody seemed very certain, but of completely opposing results.

So who was right?

The increasingly indispensible London DataStore has just published the answer:

“The number of overseas visits decreased by 6%, and visitor nights by 2% in Q3 2012 (Jul-Sep) when compared with the same quarter in 2011. Total overseas visitor spend was up 11%.”

Fewer people came than the previous year. But those who did spent more money.

Everyone was right! Or wrong, depending how uncharitable you like to be to the people who make a living predicting this stuff.

Mike Pollitt
Mike Pollitt is the editor of The Metropolis.

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