Stay on the Job Uncle Sam poster 

Six stages of being aspirationally unemployed in London

If you find yourself young and unemployed in London, here, from bitter personal experience, is how the job search might go.


The five emotional stages of becoming a Londoner. What stage are you at?

The Kübler-Ross model for facing the reality of death holds that someone diagnosed with a terminal illness will experience five stages of emotional reaction: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Ever since Homer Simpson ran through all five stages in 10 seconds flat, this serious, scientific model has misused in idiotic, ill-informed pop culture parodies by unoriginal, second-rate humour pedlars.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Snipe’s wholly original, rigorously researched, five stages of becoming a Londoner model!

London borough population changes 2011-2012 

The "hollowing out" of inner London isn't quite what it seems

The city is getting fuller, not hollowing out, almost everywhere.


Call this a storm? The London tornado of 1091, that was a storm

922 years ago to the week, we had a biggie.

London median rent chart 2013 

London housing data and comment bulletin - October 2013

Pulling together up-to-date data, news and comment about housing and planning in London.