Artists impression of the "Teardrop", as seen from Ridley Rd, Dalston 

Conflict over new Dalston flats goes beyond the usual gentrification angst

The fight over The Teardrop flat complex in Dalston is a minor battle in a war about what Zone 2 of London will look like in 10-20 years from now.

Lilo Evans and Tristan Stocks in the Mikado 

Innovative opera company on why you should try their Hackney Empire shows

Why should you, a culturally omnivorous but somewhat flighty individual who suspects opera might be an artform of the past, consider going to see performances of Mikado and Madame Butterfly at Hackney Empire this week?

London home owners, private renters and social renters 1961-2011 

London's housing market's changing. Your aspirations might have to change too

If you’re a renter and you can’t imagine how you’ll ever buy, this post is about you.


A unique collection of photos of Edwardian Londoners

Edwardian Londoners looking pensive and well-dressed.

Artists impression of a fatberg on the 4th plinth 

5 meanings of the London sewer fatberg

A fatberg the size of a bus is formed under the London streets. What does it mean?


Five ways you could defend the culturally embarrassing royal baby coverage to your future kids

We need to start thinking about how we can explain our collective behaviour to future generations.