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El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià plans to open London venue

Mike Pollitt | Monday 30 April, 2012 09:43

Ferran Adrià, once head chef of El Bulli, the Catalan joint consistently rated best restaurant in the world by the three people who actually got to eat there, wants to open a place in London.

He told Fine Dining Lovers:

“With my brother we have decided to open a place of snack and cocktail in London. It will be a new 41 degree concept and we will have to work a lot on this. This was a decision we took recently and now we are looking for partners to move to London.”

41 degrees is the Barcelona snackaurant which Adrià opened last year. The focus is on drinks and nibbles. But what nibbles.

The New York Times went there and found:

“…pistachios wrapped in a delicate lattice of yogurt and dusted with an otherworldly sweet white yogurt-based powder…Crispy pork rinds topped with bright green and red powder (a mixture of spices including lime peel, freeze-dried corn powder and tomato powder)…But nothing matched the spectacular desserts: meringues of dried raspberries with hazelnut, cubes of marshmallow that tasted like key lime pie, profiteroles flavored with black currant and anise that melted on the tongue like cotton candy.”

Venue and opening date still undecided. Maybe it will all fall through. But if it doesn’t, prepare for a stampede.

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