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Here are your candidates for London Mayor and Assembly

Darren Atwater | Thursday 29 March, 2012 10:35

The London Elects website made the announcement minutes ago. Voters will be electing one mayor, 15 city-wide assembly members, and one representative each for 14 local areas.

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For Mayor (One person to be elected)

  1. BENITA Siobhan
  2. CORTIGLIA Carlos – British National Party
  3. JOHNSON Boris – The Conservative Party Candidate
  4. JONES Jenny – Green Party
  5. LIVINGSTONE Ken – The Labour Party Candidate
  6. PADDICK Brian – London Liberal Democrats
  7. WEBB Lawrence James – Fresh Choice for London

For the assembly, London-wide (14 people elected)
British National Party
SQUIRE Stephen, FURNESS Dave, STURDY Paul, CORTIGLIA Carlos, CLARK John, TAYLOR Robert, DE SANTIS Guiseppe, TREANOR Donna, WOODS Roberta, NICHOLAS Marie, BROOKS Rowland John

Christian People’s Alliance – Supporting Traditional Marriage
MARTIN Malcolm Kershaw, MAY Sue, CORDLE Sid, AMAR Flora, CAPSTICK William Patrick, ODIETE Ethel, CONNOLLY Matthew Brendan, STAFFORD Denise, BOYLE Mary, TRIVEDI Vivek, GRECO Ellen Sheila, OLAWALE Francis Adebola, HAMPSON Robert Edward, ISINGOMA Rita Cossie, GAIN Stan, PRICE Ruth, HAMMOND Stephen Charles, MREWA Charles, STAFFORD Benny, SCRIMSHAW Doreen Anna, RUDD Jonathan Michael, MAY Tony, MILLS Katherine Susan, GLENCROSS Roger Edmund, MUIQ Faith

Conservative Party
BOFF Andrew, BACON Gareth Andrew, BORWICK Victoria Lorne Peta, FERNANDES Sue-Ellen Cassiana, ADEGOKE Kemi, MAXWELL SCOTT Matthew Joseph, SHARIF Nadia Jabine, HUGHES Anthony Havard Maengwyn, STRANACK Andrew Jeremy, SACOOR Karim Momade Aly, BHOGAL Amandeep Singh, HAMPSHEIR Christopher David

English Democrats – Putting England First
COOPER Roger, UNCLES Steven Thomas, WEALD Benjamin, BROOKES Leo Anthony, POLENCEUS Janus, TWIDDY Mark Alan, BARNBROOK Michael John, CAKEBREAD Brian Michael

Green Party
JONES Jenny, JOHNSON Darren, LYNCH Noel, BENNETT Natalie, ALI Shahrar, BAKHT Farid, ALLEN Caroline, PHOENIX Romayne, RUSSELL Caroline, HUGHES Anna, POWLEY Marek

Labour Party
GAVRON Nicky, QURESHI Murad, TWYCROSS Fiona, COPLEY Tom, NOSEGBE Florence, DESAI Unmesh, HEARN Kirsten, ALI Liaquat, MCKEOWN Mabel, MCGRATH Kevin, QUIGLEY Christine

London Liberall Democrats
PIDGEON Caroline, KNIGHT Stephen, FOX Bridget, SHEEHAN Shas, EMERSON Merlene, DAVEY Emily, BRADLEY Steve, RAY Marisha, RUSSELL Nick, MASROOR Ajmal, RICHARDS Chris

National Front Putting Londoners First

The House Party – Homes for Londoners

Trader Unionist and Socialist Coalition
GORDON Alex, WRACK Nick, ASHLEY April, GRIFFITHS Sian, HEDLEY Steve, LEAHAIR Ian Brian, MCFARLANE Gary Alexander Joseph, POWELL-DAVIES Martin, READER Merlin, SIMPSON Joe, SUTTON Jenny, TAAFFE Nancy, TURNER Jackie, VERNON Lee James, WOODBURN Lesley, DOOLEY Michael, BENJAMIN Mark Jason

UK Independence Party
WOOLFE Steven Marcus, COBURN David, WEBB Lawrence James, KNIGHT Helen Louise, JONES Elizabeth Eirwen, OAKLEY Paul James, BOLTER Jeffrey Warner, MCGOUGH Michael Jack, MCKENZIE Winston Truman, STAVELEY Peter, MANZOOR Mazhar

Individual Candidates
HAYAT Ijaz – Independent

Local Constituencies
Barnet & Camden
Candidates to be announced

Bexley & Bromley
Candidates to be announced

Brent & Harrow
Candidates to be announced

City & East

  • includes the boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Newham, Tower Hamlets, and the City of London.

Candidates to be announced

Croydon & Sutton
Candidates to be announced

Ealing & Hillingdon

  1. BARNES Richard Michael – The Conservative Party Candidate
  2. COX Michael Francis – London Liberal Democrats
  3. EDWARD Ian – National Front Putting Londoners First
  4. FURNESS David – British National Party
  5. HARLING Mike – The Green Party
  6. KNIGHT Helen Louise – Fresh Choice for London
  7. SAHOTA Onkar Singh – Labour Party Candidate
  9. BARNES Dawn – London Liberal Democrats
  10. HEMSTED Andy – The Conservative Party Candidate
  11. KRAKOWIAK Peter John – Green Party
  12. McCARTNEY Joanne – Labour Party Candidate
  13. NICHOLAS Marie – British National Party
  14. STAVELEY Peter – Fresh Choice for London

Greenwich & Lewisham

  1. CULNANE Tess – National Front Putting Londoners First
  2. DUVALL Len – Labour Party Candidate
  3. OAKLEY Paul James – Fresh Choice for London
  4. RAYMOND Barbara – Greenwich and Lewisham People Before Profit
  5. RUSSELL John – London Liberal Democrats
  6. SEDGLEY Roger – Green Party
  7. WILSON Alex – The Conservative Party Candidate
  8. WOODS Roberta – British National Party

Havering & Redbridge

  1. BROWN, Malvin Paul – Residents’ Association of London Official Candidate
  2. EDMONDS, Richard – National Front Putting Britain First
  3. EVANS, Roger – The Conservative Party Candidate
  4. ISLAM, Farrukh Jamal – London Liberal Democrats
  5. RICHARDS, Mandy Marie – Labour Party Candidate
  6. SAAD, Haroon – Green Party
  7. TAYLOR, Robert – British National Party
  8. TWIDDY, Mark Alan – English Democrats – “Putting England First!”
  9. WEBB, Lawrence James – Fresh Choice for London

Lambeth & Southwark

  1. BARTLEY Jonathan Charles – Green Party
  2. BLACKIE Rob – London Liberal Democrats
  3. FLUSS James Gordon – Fresh Choice for London
  4. LAMBERT Daniel Peter – The Socialist Party (GB)
  5. MITCHELL Michael – The Conservative Party Candidate
  6. SHAWCROSS Val – Labour Party Candidate

Merton & Wandsworth
Candidates to be announced

North East

  • includes the boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest
    Candidates to be announced


  • includes the boroughs of Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames, and Richmond upon Thames

  1. ARBOUR Tony – The Conservative Party Candidate
  2. BOLTER Jeffrey Warner – Fresh Choice for London
  3. GOLDSMITH Daniel Charles – Green Party
  4. HOMAN Lisa – Labour Party Candidate
  5. WILSON Munira – London Liberal Democrats

West Central

  • includes the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster.

Candidates to be announced

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