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Boris aide's 'PR disaster' on fare rise day

Darryl Chamberlain | Tuesday 3 January, 2012 13:32

Remember young Boris Johnson aide Einy Shah? We met her just before Christmas, showing off her new ‘honk for Boris’ bike on Facebook.

Well, Einy’s back to start the new year with a honk. With millions of commuters returning to work today to find their rail, Tube and bus fares hiked up, Labour activists are crowing.

They say over two thousand people turned up to stations at the crack of dawn to leaflet Londoners about the fare cuts they promise if Ken Livingstone gets back in.

It wasn’t just them, mind – non-aligned groups like the Campaign for Better Transport and Bring Back British Rail have also been out complaining about the rises.

As passengers feel the pinch, what was Einy’s response on Twitter?

“well it’s been a fucking pr disaster for us – thank god for the rain…”

Language, Einy. And next time, stick “DM” in front of it, eh?

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Darryl Chamberlain

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