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'Buddies' shower a stranger on the street with a hilariously over-the-top birthday wish

Snipe Contributor | Wednesday 13 October, 2010 15:38

When you think about it, banks have been met with a very sad fate in our modern society. They aren’t supposed to be the economy ruining, bonus loving behemoths they’ve become. At their essence, they’re actually a pretty great thing. They give us a safe place to keep our money, they pay us for the privilege of keeping our money safe, and they also make it easy to use out money whenever we want. And sometimes, when we need a bit of extra money to do something awesome, they let us have some for a relatively small fee. If only they’d stuck to the basics and not the bonuses, right?!

Enter First Direct, a bank that is taking banking back to its roots, and putting the emphasis back on me and you — the people keeping it in business. They seem to understand the skepticism the general public has towards their profession as of late, and, as is evidenced in the above video, they’re pulling out all the stops to prove that they’re a different kind of bank.

At the core of this clip, in which a crew of First Direct “buddies” shower a stranger on the street with a hilariously over-the-top birthday wish, is the message that when you do nice things for people, life is just better. You put a smile on a stranger’s face, and you make their day. And really, it looks like they’re doing this to some random stranger! It’s no wonder they’re the most recommended bank in the UK. Because if they’re willing to do this for some guy on the street, you can only imagine what lengths they’re willing to go for their customers.

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