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Watch 93 Feet East get raided by 175 cops, the Met helicopter, and dog units to arrest five people for possession

Darren Atwater | Monday 10 December, 2012 13:43

This video, supplied by the Met, proudly one supposes, shows the vast overkill that their ‘Operation Condor’ exerted on Brick Lane venue, 93 Feet East.

Intended as ‘a major capital-wide crackdown by the Metropolitan Police on crimes relating to licensing issues,’ all the officers, including the public order specialist branch, helicopter, and dogs arrested five people on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs, two people on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs, one for being drunk and disorderly, and one for being the poor guy in control of the premises. The Met also arrested that one creature even worse than a single mum on the dole, an illegal immigrant.

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