London Election 3rd May 2012

Mayor of London

One position to be elected by everyone, citywide
How the mayor is elected: Voters select their 1st and 2nd choices on the ballot. If no-one receives a majority, all candidates are dropped except the top two and the second-choices are counted.

Constituency London Assembly Member

One position to be elected in your area, to join 14 similarly elected citywide.
How the Constituency Member is elected: The candidate with the most votes, wins, whether or not they have a majority.

Barnet and Camden

Christopher Lawrence Richards   London Liberal Democrats
Audrey Mindlin Poppy   Green Party
Michael Ernest Corby   Fresh Choice for London
Brian John Coleman   Conservative Party

Bexley and Bromley

Sam Dunning Webber   London Liberal Democrats
Donna Treanor   British National Party
Jonathan Scot Rooks   Green Party
David Adam Coburn   Fresh Choice for London
Josie Channer   Labour Party

Brent and Harrow

Sachin Rajput   Conservative Party
Michael Jack McGough   UK Independence Party
Charlotte Alexandra Henry   London Liberal Democrats
Shahrar Ali   Green Party

City and East

Steven Marcus Woolfe   UK Independence Party
Chris Smith   Green Party
John Julian Charles Moss   Conservative Party
Kamran Malik   Communities United Party
Richard Alan MacMillan   London Liberal Democrats
Paul Davies   Communist League
Paul Borg   British National Party

Croydon and Sutton

Louisa Woodley   Labour Party
Gordon Halliday Ross   Green Party
Winston Truman McKenzie   UK Independence Party
Abigail Lock   London Liberal Democrats

Ealing and Hillingdon

Helen Louise Knight   UK Independence Party
Mike Harling   Green Party
David Furness   British National Party
Ian Edward   National Front Putting Londoners First
Michael Francis Cox   London Liberal Democrats
Richard Michael Barnes   Conservative Party

Enfield and Haringey

Peter Staveley   UK Independence Party
Marie Nicholas   British National Party
Peter John Krakowiak   Green Party
Andy Hemsted   Conservative Party
Dawn Barnes   London Liberal Democrats

Greenwich and Lewisham

Roberta Woods   British National Party
Alex Wilson   Conservative Party
Roger Sedgley   Green Party
John Russell   London Liberal Democrats
Barbara Raymond   Greenwich and Lewisham People Before Proft
Paul James Oakley   UK Independence Party
Tess Culnane   National Front Putting Londoners First

Havering and Redbridge

Mark Alan Twiddy   English Democrats
Robert Taylor   British National Party
Haroon Saad   Green Party
Mandy Marie Richards   Labour Party
Farrukh Jamal Islam   London Liberal Democrats
Richard Edmonds   National Front Putting Londoners First
Malvin Paul Brown   Residents' Association of London Official Candidate

Lambeth and Southwark

Michael Mitchell   Conservative Party
Daniel Peter Lambert   Socialist Party (GB)
James Gordon Fluss   Fresh Choice for London
Rob Blackie   London Liberal Democrats
Jonathan Charles Bartley   Green Party

Merton and Wandsworth

Roy Vickery   Green Party
Lisa Smart   London Liberal Democrats
James William Martin   Socialist Party (GB)
Mazhar Manzoor   UK Independence Party
Thamilini Kulendran   Independent
Leonie Cooper   Labour Party

North East

Paul Kevin Wiffen   Fresh Choice for London
Farooq Qureshi   London Liberal Democrats
Naomi Abigail Newstead   Conservative Party
Ijaz Hayat   Independent
Caroline Allen   Green Party

South West

Munira Wilson   London Liberal Democrats
Lisa Homan   Labour Party
Daniel Charles Goldsmith   Green Party
Jeffrey Warner Bolter   UK Independence Party

West Central

Susanna Jane Rustin   Green Party
Layla Michelle Moran   London Liberal Democrats
Elizabeth Eirwen Jones   UK Independence Party
Todd Foreman   Labour Party

London-wide London Assembly Member

11 positions to be elected from party lists, citywide.
How the London-wide Member is elected: Votes from across London for this position are pooled. The 11 seats are then allocated based upon a mathematical formula – the Modified d’Hondt Formula. This takes into account the total votes cast in this ballot PLUS the number of Constituency London Assembly Member seats (above) that each political party has already won. 11 rounds of calculations take place to fill the 11 vacant Assembly Member seats, and the party or independent candidate with the highest result at each round is allocated the seat. Seats won by parties are allocated to party candidates in the order they appear on the relevant party’s list of candidates.