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Hype alert: Arrested Development's banana stand is in London today

Mike Pollitt | Thursday 9 May, 2013 11:05

In a PR hype generating event we can all get along with, the banana stand from noughties US comedy/best TV show ever Arrested Development will be in Leicester Square this afternoon.

Here it is yesterday, posing.

Photo – @arresteddev

The banana stand isn’t really about selling Londoners frozen bananas the won’t make them sick and kill them. It promotes the new episodes of the show coming to Netflix on May 26.

These episodes are the source of excitement and fear for people who had a sustained, passionate love affair with the show during an impressionable stage in the mid-noughties.

A few years later, the question arises: should you ever try to reignite a relationship as passionate as that?

This show was (is?) so good, it’s return even works as a metaphor for human relationships.

I’m scared.

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