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Bow roundabout gets its cycling safety review

By Mike Pollitt
18 November 2011, 10:53


It’s good work by Assembley Member John Biggs, and his press release justifiably mentions that he’s been talking about this for a long time.

At an urgent meeting called by John Biggs, the mayor and his transport officials agreed to report back within a week on how they intend to improve safety at the junction. The new commitment comes after John Biggs’ two-year campaign to increase safety at the roundabout.

The review will look at pedestrian safety too, but I find this part of its focus particularly relevant:

Cycling Super Highways giving cycists a false sense of security

The blue paint suggests that you’re in a dedicated cycling lane. You’re not, you’re on a small bit of road that happens to be painted blue.

John Biggs – Boris and TfL agree urgent safety review of Bow Roundabout
Diamond Geezer – Is this the most dangerous roundabout in London?

Mike Pollitt
Mike Pollitt is the editor of The Metropolis.

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