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Guardian figures out that they printed hand-drawn Guardian themselves

Darren Atwater | Thursday 26 February, 2015 10:12

Detail from the Guardian story

The investigative journalists at the Guardian today identified Peckham-based artist Charlotte Mann. as the creator of the hand-drawn Guardians

She told the Guardian: “People are absolutely baffled as to why I did this, and that’s really exciting, because so much stuff in life exists in that category where you go ‘oh yeah got it, moving on, I understand’.

“If everyone has got something which is incredibly familiar, yet utterly baffling, then they have the chance of having a new thought for themselves.”

Mann actually produced the paper in 2013, and had them printed them on the Guardian’s presses in Stratford. 3,000 copies from the original 5,000 copy run were given away on Monday.

Mann told the Guardian that she chose her daughter’s birth date, 22 February 2011, for the issue to reproduce.

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