An interview with Desiree Akhavan

The Appropriate Behaviour director on bisexuality, cultural identity, Brooklyn vs East London, and getting a real job


Guardian figures out that they printed hand-drawn Guardian themselves

The investigative journalists at the Guardian today identified Peckham-based artist Charlotte Mann. as the creator of the hand-drawn Guardians


Who made a hand-drawn version of the Guardian from 2011?

A young friend of ours was walking through Old Street Roundabout and found a bunch of hand-drawn copies of the Guardian, strewn about that Canvas-art-bar place.



Sailor Jerry: Here's to life outside the lines

Sailor Jerry has launched a new short film, ‘Here’s To Life Outside The Lines’ – celebrating spirit of rebellion through an unofficial lineage of road trips, choppers and wild times.


The North-South cycle superhighway is a step closer

Transport for London is asking for your opinion on whether a bicycle ‘superhighway’ that is separated from traffic is something that you’d like, or would you prefer to continue to risk your life.


Don't touch that dial: what's wrong with London Live

Welcome to London Live. Like the England team – it’s not doing very well at the moment. Launched in March as part of what the government hopes will be a chain of local TV stations, it was seen as the most lucrative television franchise since Channel 5 arrived in 1997. What went wrong?


Doing Feminism: Chatting About the Unspeakable With Laurie Penny

On vile internet comments, the pros of perversion, and the bullyboys of the British press.

At 27, Laurie Penny spent a massive amount of time thinking and writing about the reasons hatred towards people who don’t conform is tolerated in the UK. Her articles appear in the New Statesman, Guardian, Independent, and Vice; her blog Penny Red was short-listed for the Orwell Prize and she tweets to over 93,000 followers. In conversation, she’s a charismatic person with a great sense of humour and a wealth of knowledge about the complexities gender, class and race in modern Britain.


Lost in Transmutation: Literature and film

University classes and glass-eyed professors have long pondered the significance and meaning of the word ‘literature’. The most forthcoming definition is that offered, as always, by the Oxford English Dictionary: “Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.” But what can this definition reveal to us about film, and how much the form of literature has changed, especially when looking at the inception of the auteur’s contribution? Could a film be termed literature? Perhaps but perhaps not.


Random Interview: Abigail Mortimer, Greenpeace Volunteer, Activist, and Campaigner

I received an email from a Greenpeace mail-out asking people to join them on a peaceful protest outside a Southwark Shell station. It was there I met the protest organiser, Abigail, a volunteer Greenpeace activist and campaigner.