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Who made a hand-drawn version of the Guardian from 2011?

Darren Atwater | Tuesday 24 February, 2015 11:22

A young friend of ours was walking through Old Street Roundabout and found a bunch of hand-drawn copies of the Guardian, strewn about that Canvas-art-bar place. It’s 38 pages and seems to the complete edition from 22 February 2011. The front page splash says “‘I’ll die a martyr’: Gaddafi urges a violent showdown”. Elsewhere, there is a large amount of coverage on the New Zealand earthquake. You could also download a free Dr Who audio.

If you can’t read the stories in these photos, don’t worry, the artist didn’t want to write them out – they are just scribbles.

Any clue as to the artist? Please let SNIPE know.

Update: In response to a question, these are PRINTED hand-drawn Guardians. Someone drew a master than paid real money to print it on a web press.

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