Brainlove Festival: Mat Riviere

Luke Morgan Britton | Friday 25 May, 2012 18:09

Quite possibly my personal pick of this weekend’s Brainlove Festival, heck no – definitely my favoured choice, has to be Mat Riviere. And he may also be the highlight of the billing for anyone who’s been to the Brixton all-dayer in the past, as he’s slotted into the line-up several times previous.

First seeing him perform to an almost empty room a few years back on the Bristol leg of the Brainlove Records touring showcase, I’ve probably seen him live too many times since and have possibly written more things on the internet about him than even the musician himself has.

But with a new album coming out before the year’s end, this performance at tomorrow’s event will be one fresh even to the obsessed likes of myself. Don’t miss it, ensure entry by buying tickets now.

Could you introduce a little about yourself first and foremost?
I’m called Mat Riviere and I make extremely sexual music with my hands and mouth.

For people who haven’t seen you live before, what can they expect?
An extremely sexual performance. They can expect to sit uncomfortably on the floor v. close to me if they want to expect that.

You’ve played Brainlove Festival a few times before, right?
I think this is the fourth time, maybe.

What are your feelings towards the event?
It seems like a good opportunity to see people play in a less formal setting than a normal gig . The first two times I saw David Thomas Broughton play was at Brainlove Festival (once in the main room and once in the garden) and they were both really special performances. There is always a weird mix of stuff and this year I think there are some good people doing readings and stalls and stuff as well all the music.

Looking at the line-up, who are you excited about seeing live?
I heard internet celebrity Crispin Best might be there. Maybe that.

How do you find festivals in general?
Brainlove Festival still feels quite intimate as it is not a huge venue. The idea of a ‘traditional festival crowd’ has never really appealed to me though, like Travis playing at Glastonbury or whatever. The only festivals I’ve played at seem to be kind of cute European ones where everyone is surprisingly attentive. That suits me fine I think.

Do you prefer smaller venue shows?
Yeah, I’m not keen on the idea of people waving flags/sitting on each others shoulders during musical performances at all tho, if someone wanted to do that at Brainlove Festival that would be funny probably.

Do you enjoy the prospect of people that necessarily aren’t that familiar with your music getting the chance to stumble upon you?
Yup. Think that’s one of the best things about festivals/alldayers/bigger shows etc. As long they don’t actually stumble upon me. This is a real danger when you play kneeling on the floor, I feel a bit scared now. Please don’t ‘bundle me’ while I am trying to make music, guys. Actually maybe that would be good. I think I would like it. Going to try and encourage lots of irresponsible behaviour and physical contact at this years Brainlove Festival.

What do your band have going on at the moment? Anything you’re working on or forthcoming releases in the works?
I am finishing an album called ‘Not Even Doom Music’ at the moment. It will come out this year. I am trying to get a small group of people to play music with me because I can’t play most of the new album live on my own.

Brainlove Festival takes place at Brixton’s Windmill this coming Saturday (26th May).

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