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"The mundane illuminated". We grab a minute with Melissa Dunne, artistic director of Papercut Theatre

Gavin Mecaniques | Wednesday 28 November, 2012 10:50

Melissa Dunne is artistic director of Papercut Theatre. Papercut’s next production “XY” is showing on Dec 9th and 10th, at Theatre503 in Battersea. Four writers were given a simple remit: write a short play without specifying gender for any of the characters. The work was then handed to a director to interpret and cast as they wished.

I want people who see my work to see something mundane and everyday illuminated in a way they hadn’t thought possible.

I was drawn to theatre because it is a very enabling art form. Also because it is very truthful, there’s no special effects to hide behind – especially in fringe theatre.

The best thing about my job is watching a germ of an idea grow and watching talented artists collaborating to make it happen.

The work that inspires me is anything by Katie Mitchell. Also Lars Von Trier though I wouldn’t want to have a cup of tea with him.

The best advice I ever got was that you’re never entitled to anything. That was said by Declan Donellan which made me very humble.

The best advice I can give is if you have a good idea trust it.

The thing I love most about theatre in London is how people are more willing to help emerging artists than you’d think. People are sometimes limited by lack of funding or ambition but I can’t really blame them for that.

What I really want to do next is make my short film.

Photo of Melissa © Gavin Mecaniques

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