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Hogan-Howe: for now, it's all about the PR

Mike Pollitt | Thursday 20 October, 2011 13:11

Bernard “Hulk” Hogan-Howe is off to a strong start with the headline writers.

Met crackdown on uninsured drivers [RAC]

Met delivers crushing blow to uninsured drivers [Londonist]

Met seizes hundreds of uninsured cars in blitz on rogue drivers [Standard]

“Crackdown” – good. “Crushing blow “ – better. “Blitz” and “rogue” – best of all.

But Hulk also understands the power of images. He knows that he cuts an even more serious and authoritative figure stood next to a pile of crushed cars being clambered over by an outsized manchild.

Uninsured vehicles operation

See how like the strict father figure he appears? A civic paterfamilias, sternly disapproving of his errant son (Boris, here representing the lawless city itself), but ultimately forgiving. Strong stuff. Fear of crime matters, so we can’t begrudge Bernard his stunts – especially when he plans them himself. The last time someone tried to cook one up on his behalf, they bollocksly made him out to be nothing less than a one man crime-fighting superhero. So he’s back on track. I for one hope his flair for PR buys him enough time for us to work out whether he’s got any substance.

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