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Tory Assembly Members walk out before debate on cyclist deaths

Adam Bienkov | Wednesday 7 December, 2011 12:04

Conservative London Assembly Members today prevented a debate about the recent spate of cyclist deaths on London’s roads after they staged a walkout at City Hall.

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones had proposed a motion calling on AMs to express their condolences to the relatives of those who died and asking the Mayor to investigate whether their deaths could have been avoided through better road designs.

The motion follows a number of recent cyclist deaths including two in the space of three weeks at Bow roundabout.

The walkout meant that the Chair had to close the meeting.

This is the second time that Conservative AMs have prevented a debate on cyclist safety.

Earlier this year, they walked out before a motion could be heard on reducing the speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge to 20mph

Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Mike Tuffrey said that today’s walkout was an “insult” to London cyclists:

“Today’s childish actions by Conservative Assembly Members have thwarted a key debate on cycle safety taking place. Their actions are an insult to every cyclist in London as well as the democratic process.”

Jenny Jones said after the meeting:

“The Tory walkout before we could take the cycling motion was perhaps partly based on embarrassment at the Mayor’s poor safety record. He has consistently ignored cycling campaigners’ advice on how to make junctions safe, leaving cyclists vulnerable to the faster traffic. This is playing with people’s lives, not delivering good government for London.”

Conservative London Assembly leader James Cleverly wrote afterwards that he had walked out in protest over not being given chairmanship of any Assembly committees.

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