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Annoying habits of Londoners #3: Holding the door open

Mike Pollitt | Friday 24 February, 2012 12:27

If someone’s right behind or in front of you, or carrying loads of stuff, by all means hold open the door.

But what I’m observing, on an almost daily basis, are examples of doors being held open for unencumbered people 5 yards and more away.

This puts the recipient of the opened door in a very difficult position. Do they:

a.) continue walking at the same pace, thus making the door opener wait a little longer than feels socially acceptable.
b.) do a little shuffle run to the open door, thus making themselves look terribly ungainly.

Both these options are worse than if the door was allowed to close and the second person just opened it themselves. We can all open doors, it isn’t that hard. Here’s my rule:

If you’re not sure, close that door!

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